We carry wide range of lightweight concrete products. We also provide the machineries and equipment to those who to produce by themselves.

On top of this, we have a portable rig that can produce the concrete products on site, to save the transportation cost.

We install the machineries, equipment and provide all the necessary training for our customers.


Product Size Remark
C-Block , Density 700/1000

7.5x20x60 cm.

10x20x60 cm.

15x20x60 cm.

20x20x60 cm.

Can use normal mortar and normal plaster
C-Locking Block

10x20x60 cm. No need lintel

15x30x100 cm. Curb for pathway
C Wall Plus

3x50x50 cm. For wall decorating
C-Path , For The Garden

7x30x60 cm.

7x30x30 cm.

For pathway and garden

16x23x152 cm Out door furniture
C-Log , Wooden Texure

30×50 cm. Out door furniture

10x40x190 cm. For fence
C-Stone Locking Block

15x20x60 cm. No need lintel
CLC Precast Wall Panel

Density:300kg/m2 – 180kg/m2 Custom make as per client specification (inner & Our Wall)